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Contribution To Lost Lettermen Analyzing The Top 10 Transfers For 2015-16

Contributed to Lost Lettermen with a guest article evaluating the Top 10 impactful college basketball transfers for the 2015-16 season.

Cited By 247Sports

Cited by 247Sports in a post looking at the recruitment of 2017 prospect Myles Cale out of Delaware and his potential to end up with the Maryland Terrapins.  Citation specifically addressed a planned visit for Cale to State College, Maryland.

Terps Hosting 2017 SG Myles Cale on an Unofficial Visit

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cited By CBSSports

Cited by CBSSports in a post looking at the NBA Draft stock of Michigan guard Caris LeVert and how his injury could impact his Draft stock.  Citation specifically addressed the physical growth of Caris LeVert while a member of Michigan's team.

Despite Injury, Caris LeVert Still A First-Round Prospect

Cited By Bleacher Report

Cited by Bleacher Report in a post analyzing Michigan's basketball recruiting for the 2014 offseason and the best case scenario for the Wolverines.  Citation specifically addressed an upcoming visit for transfer Duncan Robinsion, who eventually committed to Michigan.

Best Case Scenario For Michigan Recruiting

Cited By Big Ten Network

Cited by Big Ten Network in a post discussing the unique court for the CBSSports Classic where Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State, and UCLA participated.  Citation was specifically in reference to a review of the court.

Reactions to CBSSports Classic Court